Here are some of my past conference talks from DockerCon, PuppetConf and Openstack.

PuppetConf 16 Day 2 Keynote

Pulling the strings to containerise your life

As containers are becoming more of the norm, real world issues are arising for people. Why would we want to move our applications to containers? What business and operational enhancements should I expect? What are challenges with using containers?

Scott looks at the benefits of configuration management in the containerized world and will cover how to scale your container environment in a defined and repeatable state via schedulers like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

I start at 41.15


DockerCon 16

Docker in production, look no hands

In this session we will talk about HealthDirect’s journey with Docker. We will follow the life cycle of a container through our CD process to its home in our swarm cluster with just a git commit thanks to configuration management. We will cover the CD process for Docker, Docker swarm, Docker networking and service discovery. The audience will leave with a solid foundation of how to build a production ready swarm cluster (A github repo with code will be given). They will also have the knowledge of how to implement a CD framework using Docker.

Openstack Australia Day 2016

Why Would I Want To Containerise My Life?

In today’s world of agile IT containers have become the new buzz word just like cloud was a few years back. Why would we move our applications to containers? What is the business and operational enhancements can I expect? What are some real world problems with using containers in anger?

PuppetConf 2015

Puppet and AWS. It’s easy right …

In this session I’ll talk about our journey with Puppet Enterprise, building HealthDirect from the ground up in AWS. You’ll hear details about the life cycle of a Puppet module: from development, unit testing, the CD pipeline, to deployment in AWS. We’ll also cover the life cycle of the infrastructure using a couple key modules – first, the Puppetlabs/AWS module where I’ll show you the benefits of the module with real world examples, and second the Puppetlabs/docker_platform module which is a great way to get more out of AWS. Finally, I’ll touch on what we are doing next with Puppet (Advanced docker schedulers and dynamic hiera backend with Consul or etcd).